Top tips for fire safety

Whether at home or at work, fire safety must be a high priority.

At home…

Most fires in the home are accidental – so it’s important to take precautions to keep your property safe and the people inside safe.

– You must have fire alarms on every floor of the property.
– When was the last time you tested your fire alarm? They save lives, but only if they’re working.
– If anyone smokes in the property, try to do so in the garden and always check cigarettes are disposed of carefully.
– Do you have an escape plan? Make sure everyone in the property is familiar with it.
– Don’t leave food unattended when cooking in the kitchen.
– Be aware of overloading electrical sockets, faulty cables and electrical items overheating.

At work…

Employers and Landlords have a responsibility to manage fire safety in the workplace. Not only to put fire safety measures in place, but also to train staff in the event of an emergency…

– Check your risk assessment and emergency plan is relevant and staff are familiar with it.
– Regularly check your fire alarms and do test runs with your staff to check they know what to do should the alarm sound.
– Have you put measurements in place for visitors and the disabled should there be an emergency? They may need extra assistance.
– Do you have trained fire wardens with up-to-date qualifications?
– Do you have fire doors installed? Always keep fire doors shut and clear of obstacles.
– Switch off all electrical equipment when the building is unoccupied.
– Be aware of flammable materials and substances in the building.

Timmins Group are Firas accredited. We offer a variety of services including maintaining and installing timber fire door systems – with certification on completion.

BMTRADA approved and members of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection, we can also carry out surveys and installations to ensure your property is compliant with legislation.

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