Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection slows the spread of fire down and keeps people safe and it should be an integral part of every effective fire safety policy or plan.

Here at Timmins, we have been planning and installing passive fire protection for over 25 years and are fully certified to do it in public buildings.

We are BMTRADA and Association of Specialist Fire Protection accredited, which means we are able to carry out passive fire protection on ceilings, walls, and floor breaches.

Often, the installation of electrical cables, plumbing, heating, or M&E ducting can undermine the integrity of passive fire protection. This is where we come in, we’ll make sure you’re fully protected.

Why Have Passive Fire Protection?

Sprinklers and fire extinguishers are great, but they do not contain a fire. Proper passive protection will prevent a fire from spreading beyond its point of origin. Not only does this mean potentially preventing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage, but perhaps, more importantly, it could also save lives.

Our Passive Fire Protection Basics

Before any work is planned, we will come to your workplace and carry out a full survey. This allows us to determine what is already working and what passive fire protection needs including in the overall fire protection policy.

Whether you need fire containment systems, structural materials, re-patching fire stopping materials, or advising on opening protection, we will cast our critical eye over all the different elements of fire protection before taking a course of action.

And the beauty of this type of fire protection is, as the name suggests, it is passive. It will blend into the background. But if you have a fire, you certainly will notice it and be thankful you called us in.

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