Is your office looking tired?

Does it portray the right image to visitors and staff?

H Timmins Group specialise in office and corporate space refurbishment.

We can refurbish your office space to a high standard, whether you want a small refresh or a full overhaul.

Ready For An office Refurbishment?

When you’re busy at work looking after your office space is the last thing on your mind.

Before you know it, what was once a gleaming office space to be proud of looks a little tired and worn. High traffic areas get damaged and dirty, décor looks dated, and standards gradually slip.

Hardly the right message to be sending to your valued clients and colleagues!

You might feel like the carpet tiles are looking a little worn. Perhaps the walls are damaged? Or maybe there is some questionable integrated office furniture or décor.

Or, are you dreaming of a stylish and swanky office and are ready for the whole place to be brought into the 21st century.

Whatever you are looking for, we will be able to help, so give us a call. Or, browse our previous projects to learn more.

We don’t just work with commercial spaces. We have a long history of working with schools, government buildings and sites, railways, hostels, and loads more.

Not only can we change the decorative features, but we can also change the layout and structural features of your space. Perfect if you want to repurpose an office or space or need to create more space.

Fire Safety Built In

We are fanatical about fire safety. It is an area in which we excel.

We offer an installation and maintenance service as part of your office refurbishment.

We will assess your current fire doors and make recommendations for improvement, if necessary. Our Firas accreditations means we are able to install fire doors, not just privately, but also in public buildings, including schools and government buildings.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your fire doors, give us a call or have a look here to learn more about our fire door installation and maintenance service.

Hassle Free Office Refurbishments

Starting an office refurb can be a daunting task. You have your own job to do without worrying about this, too!

We are experts at assessing office spaces for refurbishments, no matter how big or small the project or space.

Whether you want the toilets restyling, the ceiling tiles replacing, or the full office spruced up, we will make the process easy. We will scope and managing the project so you can get on with your job.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fully managed, end to end service. We even have our own construction department, so we can deal with any structural changes you might desire.

We really are the full package.

Get in touch for more details.