When was your last Fire Drill?

Its always been said that practise makes perfect, so why would fire safety drills be any different? Fire drills should be conducted periodically to make sure that all your staff know where to go and what to do in the case of an emergency. Not only do fire drills allow you to prepare your staff, but this could also highlight important fire safety concerns. These are issues which may arise during a real emergency.

Fire safety drills ideally should be conducted at least once a year, especially if you have new staff (this includes temporary staff members) or have new fire equipment installed.

Fire drills should be carried out by creating a real life scenario in order to make the drill as realistic as possible. For example, switch on the fire alarm without prior warning, making sure everyone evacuates the building and knows where the fire safety meeting point is. It is important to make your staff members know that stopping to collect any personal belongings could not only endanger their life, but the lives of others.

It is equally as important to monitor the performance of the fire safety drill, this will allow you to make an action plan and improve on any issues which have been highlighted during the practice run. The person responsible for fire safety in the work place should check the exit routes and doors making sure there is no obstruction, and everything is working correctly.

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