Fire Safety in Shopping Centres

According the recent figures, shopping centre fires accounted for around 10% of all large loss fires. The misconception many people have is believing that this is a low statistic. However, upon further analysis these figures show that within that, 75% of these fires were done on purpose. Therefore fire prevention is a must within retail environments.

Whilst the owners of the shopping centres are legally liable for fire safety within the communal areas, it is the duty of individual shop owners to make sure their shop complies with fire regulations. New Look, a well-known high street shop was fined a record £400,000 in 2009 after a devastating blaze took hold of one of their shops. This later highlighted the fire safety breaches the shop had. These were breaches such as; Fire Safety training being withheld from staff, and inadequate emergency exits.

The law requires those within retail to have a Fire Risk Assessment conducted by a qualified competent person, all of which must be on file if the retail shop employs more than 5 members of staff. The Fire Risk Assessment will enable the individual to highlight any potential Fire risks. This will help make beneficial Fire safety recommendations to ensure all equipment is fully functioning and sufficient in the case of a fire.

There are many components which contribute to Fire Safety, all of which are equally important. Some of the common ones are; Emergency lighting, Fire Safety Signage, PAT Testing, Fire Door Maintenance and Fire prevention Training to staff members.

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