Fire safety for the Christmas shutdown

Do you close your company for the Christmas period? While you might be rushing to lock-up and get home for a well-deserved break; it’s vital to carry out essential fire safety checks before the building is vacated…

  • Have you turned the power off on all electrical equipment – such as laptops and chargers?
  • Double check you’ve not left any Christmas decorations plugged in – Christmas trees and fairy lights
  • When did you last check your fire alarms? Make sure they’re working on every floor of the building
  • Turn off the lights in every room and close the doors behind you

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

You should already have a FRA which will have identified all risks in the building. The aim of the FRA is to reduce or eliminate these risks, if possible. A FRA should be a straightforward document if the building is compliant to current building regulations; if not, it can be more complicated and expensive to rectify issues.

Fire alarm systems

A fully functioning fire alarm is essential in any building. It provides an early warning sign that there is a problem in your building.

Without a working fire alarm system, the first signs of a fire are usually when a person sees smoke or flames. By this point, the fire may have already caused significant damage with expensive repairs. Worse still, the building could be destroyed if an alarm isn’t raised.

 Fire Doors

Fire doors are one of the most effective forms of fire-stopping equipment within a building, if installed correctly. These can effectively hinder the spread of fire.

Top three fire door tips:

  1. Always keep fire doors firmly closed at all times otherwise they will not serve their purpose
  2. Carry out regular maintenance checks on the condition of the fire doors
  3. When checking the fire doors, also check they’re not blocked by anything that could prevent them closing fully

Fire Extinguishers

If you have carried out a Fire Risk Assessment, it should state how many fire extinguishers are required within the building, what type, and where they should be located.

Your insurance company will also have a policy on the number of fire extinguishers needed and for what purposes. There are many types of fire extinguisher so seek the advice of an expert to recommend the right ones for your bespoke business.


Timmins Group are Firas accredited to carry out surveys, to maintain and to install timber fire door systems and to certificate on completion. This is particularly important as we work in education, local and civil government and office environments which are required to carry out regular fire door maintenance.

Timmins Group are BMTRADA approved to carry out passive fire protection and are members of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection, we can carry out surveys and installations to make sure your buildings are compliant with legislation regarding breaches to floors, walls and ceilings caused by data, heating & plumbing and M&E installation. 

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