Fire prevention in the workplace

Fire poses a significant risk to businesses. As well as damaging or destroying a building, fire could cause significant injury to employees and visitors, or in severe cases, death.

Who is responsible for fire safety in the workplace?
Fire Safety law in England* states the responsibility of fire safety in the workplace sits with you, if your role is:
1. The employer
2. The business owner
3. The building landlord
4. The occupier of the building
5. The person responsible for the control of the building – e.g a facilities manager
If there is more than one responsible person in the business, the responsibility is shared.
*If you live in Scotland and Northern Ireland, safety laws will be different.

What must the person responsible for fire safety do?
1. Regular fire risk assessments of the building – and keep a written record if your business employs five or more people
2. Make employees aware of any fire risks
3. Implement fire safety measures
4. Prepare a fire escape plan
5. Give employees fire safety instructions and training

What happens if the responsible person does not follow fire safety regulations?
You could face a penalty or prison. Read our recent blog post on Fire and your legal liability.

What fire-fighting equipment do I need?
The type of fire-fighting equipment you need will depend on the type of building and business you work at.
Your equipment will need to be professionally installed, regularly tested and maintained. Then it is your responsibility to train staff on how they work and when to use them in the event of a fire.

Fire safety checklist:
1. Are all fire alarms functioning correctly?
2. Is the emergency lighting in working order?
3. Have you recorded and actioned any faults with your fire safety equipment?
4. Are your fire escape routes always clear of obstacles and accessible at all times?
5. Do you have the correct fire signs in the appropriate locations?

If you don’t have the knowledge or confidence to carry out a fire risk assessment in the workplace, contact us.