Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Fire door installation and maintenance is essential, as a well fitted and maintained fire door can save lives in the event of a fire.

They slow the flames and smoke down enough to allow time for escape, and contain the fire to reduce the damage to the building.

It makes sense that you get your fire door installed and maintained by the best.

Fire Door Installation from Timmins Group

Our Firas accreditation means we are able to install timber fire doors in schools, council buildings, care homes, industrial sites and other public buildings.

One of our team of experts will come on site to first inspect the area and then recommend the right door for you.

We will then install the door before completing a range of checks that allow us to certify the installation. This keeps it all in line with industry standards, and ultimately keeps your staff and patrons safe. Get in touch with us to book a survey.

Fire Door Maintenance

Maintaining your timber fire door is essential. Here at Timmins Group we can provide a full maintenance service.

This might include refurbishing the current ironmongery, making modifications to the door, installing vision panels, fitting cold smoke seals, and making sure the intumescent strips are present and correct.

We will initially inspect the fire doors before planning out any necessary maintenance work to ensure you are getting value and service.

We can either do this reactively or as part of planned maintenance work. However we do it, you can trust that your fire doors will be well maintained and effective, should the worst happen.

Contact us to discuss your options.