3 Easy To Do Fire Door Maintenance Checks

It is imperative that once a Fire Door has been installed, regular fire door maintenance checks are conducted periodically ensuring it is functioning correctly. The effectiveness of a fire door can decrease over time, especially if the door is used on a daily basis. Fire door maintenance checks highlight any issues which could compromise the effectiveness of the fire door. Here are a few handy fire door maintenance checks that anyone can do at any time.

Fire Door Certification of Authentication:

All fire doors once installed will come with a certificate of authentication proving that the fire door complies to BWF-CERTIFIRE scheme standards [have you got a link to the official site for this?]. This also shows that the fire door has been put through rigorous testing confirming it will work during an emergency. If when conducting your fire door maintenance checks you do not see this certificate, alert the person in charge of fire safety.

Test the Fire Door Gaps:

Check the gaps between the frame and the fire door. Whilst a small amount of gap is common, these gaps must not exceed 4mm from the top of the frame and 8mm between the floor and the underside. This fire door maintenance test can be easily done using a £1 coin.

Check the Fire Door for Wear and Tear:

As previously mentioned a fire door can lose its effectiveness if in use every day. When doing a fire door maintenance check look for small factors such as the sealing around the frame and door, if its looking loose and worn then this will need to be replaced. Other things to look out for is whether the hinges look intact and if the glass shows any signs of cracks or damage.

Timmins Group can provide all your fire door maintenance requirements making sure they are up to present legislation. This will include refurbishing ironmongery, modifying the door, installation of vision panels, ease & adjusting, replacement and installation of cold smoke seals and intumescent strips and checking all gaps and intumescent strips are fitted behind hinges etc. For more information Visit our Services